33 Life Lessons From A 33 Year Old Pt. 1

So, at 33 I'm pretty much ancient. (Ha!) And in my wise old age I have learned a few things. Here are some of my favourite lessons, ones that may make things easier for you if you heed my advice. They've all been tested so you don't have to make the same mistakes!

1)Screw regret. We can learn from every single mistake, and most things in life are fixable. The past is over. Move on.

2)Few things feel better than freshly shaved legs against clean sheets.

3)For every fresh-faced 20 year-old who accomplishes something you've been dying to do for decades, there are the JK Rowlings and Helen Mirrens who have accomplished great things later in life. If it's meant to happen, it will, so keep on working, and don't let age deter you.

4)Learn what gaslighting is, don't accept it from anyone, and don't do it to anyone, either. Make people feel seen and heard, and be around people who give you that same respect.

5)No dairy or sugar when you have a cold! It will drastically shorten the duration.

6)DON'T START ARGUMENTS ON THE INTERNET! And if you do, no name-calling. Keep it respectful and be the bigger person. Also, "turn off notifications" can be a godsend!

7)You probably have prejudices. It's a gross part of being a human. Face them and challenge them, rather than getting defensive about their existence.

8)Same thing goes for privilege. As an able-bodied, North American white woman, I have privilege. Denying that would be silly. So, what can I do with it? Again, instead of getting defensive and denying, I will use that privilege for good.

9)Hormones have a HUGE impact on so many aspects of our lives. Get to know your cycle, track changes in thoughts and feelings throughout the month, and realize when it's your hormones that've taken the wheel. For example, if a close friend who you usually adore seems to be pissing you off to no end for no apparent reason, maybe your hormones are clouding your judgment. That being said, if you become more passionate about truly valid issues while you're on your period, nobody gets to tell you you're overreacting because of your cycle! (That's just condescending.)

10)Find a career that works for your personality and needs. I learned that I can't do the 9-5 thing, and that flexibility and freedom of time are essential to my mental health. And that's okay. We live in a time where there are SO many ways to earn a living, find the one that fits your preferred lifestyle.

11)That being said, sometimes you have to do things you don't like to do to get by. I'm not saying you should take a job that makes you an anxious mess every morning, but you can find positive things about any job if you make the effort. On the flip side, if your job is killing you, change it. Life's too short to sacrifice your wellbeing for a pay-cheque.

12)There is very rarely only one right answer. Other people will see things differently based on how they were raised, their life experiences, their culture, and so on. It doesn't mean they are wrong. Try to see their point of view.

13)If you don't like someone, delete them from Facebook, Instagram, whatever. There is ZERO point to keeping someone on your friends list who brings up feelings of resentment every time you see their posts. We all have too much to do to waste our time on this pettiness.

14)Get properly fitted for a bra! Like, at a real lingerie boutique! Your boobs deserve it.

15)Total cliché, but comparison is the thief of joy. We're all better than others at some things, and worse at others. That's okay, and it makes the world an interesting place.

16)If you're feeling lazy and your house is a mess, just force yourself to do at least one thing. It'll take five minutes and you'll feel a million times better with a dish-free sink or crumb-free floor.

* * * * *

Any favourites so far? Stay tuned for Part 2 later this week!


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