Friday Favourites!

Welcome to the first edition of Friday Favourites!

Each Friday I will be featuring some of my favourite things, from food to makeup to songs and everything in between. If you would like your product or service featured here, you can e-mail me for consideration. Also, check back regularly because I will try to have some giveaways as often as I can!

So without further adieu, here are this week's Friday Favourites!

  • Marigold Paper Co.

I came across Marigold Paper Co. through a blog group that I'm a member of and I instantly fell in love with these lovely digital prints. In the owner's words: "My name is Jessica, and I am the creator of Marigold Paper Co. I am a wife, mother, and school psychologist by day, and digital print designer by night. Marigold Paper Co. offers unique, beautiful, and high quality digital wall art at an affordable price. Digital prints are available to download and print immediately." As for the name? The marigold flower is the birth flower of the month of October. Jessica's lovely daughter Brooklyn is an October baby, and is the inspiration behind Marigold Paper Co. How sweet is that? I love Jessica's use of watercolour, and even though the prints all have her original stamp on them, there is still a wide variety of styles to choose from for every taste. I will be giving one print away to a commenter, so leave a comment with your favourite pizza topping to be entered!

  • Alex And Ani bracelets

A few years ago my best-friend Armig introduced me to Alex And Ani bracelets, and I instantly fell in love. They reminded me of when I would sit in front of my mom's jewelry box as a kid and paw through her charm bracelets, each trinket a reminder of a special memory. 

I purchased my first Alex And Ani bracelet two years ago when I celebrated my first year sober, and would add to my collection here and there. When I recently celebrated three years sober I combed through the site to find a piece of jewelry I could treat myself to, and I settled on the Life Preserver, pictured above. In its description on the site it says, "This protective symbol is a reminder that you have the strength, the willpower, and the capability to hold yourself above water." I couldn't think of a better reminder of my sobriety!

Oh, and by the way? Their site's having a clearance sale right now with free shipping!

  • Swet Shop Boys

Consisting of actor Riz Ahmed ("Nas" from The Night Of, a show I absolutely adored) and his two friends, rapper Heems and producer Redinho, the Swet Shop Boys are one of the most original musical acts I've heard in ages. Their music features elements of hip-hop, Bollywood, bhangra, and indie, and every track sounds fresh. I swear they make THE essential summer music, while also fearlessly tackling issues of race and xenophobia. Not a small feat. 

Add some sunshine to your summer with songs like "Zayn Malik," "No Fly List," and "Anthem." Warning: if you don't shake yer ass to them, you might be dead inside.

That's it for this week! Remember to comment below for the Marigold Paper Co. giveaway, and check back for future Favourites! 

Have an amazing weekend ❤️


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